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Lundberg machines are now even more powerful and easier to use


Lundberg 5220

Five new 20-series models will join the line-up of Lundberg multi-purpose machines this autumn.

Lundberg Hymas, which is part of the Lännen MCE concern, will introduce no less than five new arrivals from Lundberg. These new models, the 5220, 6220 and 7220, and the slightly smaller 4120 and 4220, are intended for the maintenance of properties and environmental services.

The bigger models have a more powerful engine than the Lundbergs of the previous 10-series (models 5210, 6210 and 7210) with an output of 97 kW/2,000 rpm. The output of the smaller models has also increased, being 80 kW/2,400 rpm. All the new models are powered by economical and environmentally-friendly engines that meet stage 3B emission requirements.

All these new 20-series models from Lundberg have re-designed, modern and operator-friendly frame constructions. In addition, the service, control and filling points that require day-to-day attention can be easily and effortlessly accessed from outside the machine without opening up the engine bonnet. For example, the battery compartment can be easily opened for maintenance of the batteries, says Mr Jan Aspvik, the product group manager of Lännen Tractors Oy.

Lundberg multi-purpose machines are renowned for their excellent ergonomics. In these new models, the better focus on this aspect of the design ensures that working with the machine is as pleasant as possible. The cabin is the quietest on the market, and the operating controls have been designed with smoother, long-term operation in mind; all the required operations can be executed using just one joystick. Visibility from the cabin is also excellent.

The advanced information centre makes it easier for the operator to control the work procedure. Each of the work-attachment-specific movement speeds and oil flows for additional hydraulic circuits can be programmed separately for each task, driver and work attachment in their specific memory locations. The display for the central pressure lubrication, connected to the CAN bus, makes maintenance of the machine easier, helps keep it clean, and extends its service life. All the diagnostics can easily be displayed on the screen, says Mr Aspvik.

The load-sensing hydraulic system economically generates just the right oil flow for each moment and work attachment – without generating any wasted heat or excessively loading the engine. The lifting force of the loader is great, and, thanks to the machine’s construction, the tipping load of the machine is also remarkably high.

A considerable amount of innovations have been incorporated in the Lundberg 20-series without sacrificing any of the machines’ well-established strengths. In addition to speed, agility and strength, the undisputed assets of these new arrivals also include high productivity, versatility and sincere commitment to environmental sustainability. All the works can be carried out using just one machine in all seasons, says Mr Aspvik.

The new Lundberg models will be showcased for the first time in Finland in Lepaa from August 14 to16, and at the FinnMETKO 2014 exhibition in Jämsä from August 28 to 30. The production of the new models will commence in the autumn.

Additional information:
Product group manager
Mr. Jan Aspvik
tel. +358 20 7612 215


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