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Lundberg Hymas AB

Lundberg Hymas AB operates i Skellefteå, Sweden. The company develops and manufactures the well known tool-carrier Lundberg. The products are distributed through retailers in the scandinavian countries.

The company is, since 1 January 2008, a part of the Lännen MCE Oy that develops, manufactures and sells backhoe loader Lännen.

Lundberg Hymas AB has about 20 employees.

Company history


Bröderna Lundbergs Mekaniska Verkstad ("Lundberg brothers mecanical workshop") is founded by the brothers Göran and Birger Lundberg.



Lundberg 50-talet

One of the first loader concepts are constructed by Lundberg brothers. The so called rear loader  turned upside down on the concepts in the contracting business.

The idea was ingenious. By turning the cab of an agricultural tractor and put the loader in the rear,machine concept was born  that became the basis for today's modern loaders.



Lundberg 60-talet

A long collaboration with Volvo was established, which came to result in over 33 000 manufactured "rear loaders". The era ended 1984.

1970'sLundberg 70-talet

The firts tool-carrier Lundberg 341, "The Lundberg", was developed and introduced to the market.

1980'sHymas 80-talet

The product range is extended to include Hymas backhoe loaders.



Lundberg 90-talet

Extensive development of the tool-carrying concept with focus on this product.

2000'sLundberg 00-talet

The business are refined to "The Lundberg". Product range extends to four models.